Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last night while driving

Sabrina asked me to change the song from the sad one playing on the radio.  She said it made her think of sad things, and she didn't like that.  I asked her, what sad things do you know about Sabrina?  She said it made her think of her GG & Ddaddy going back to Mississippi & how much she would miss them.

The other day she got up from her nap and told Philip, "Daddy, I'm sorry I got mad and lost my temperature."  :)

Over Friday evening we learned a lot about our little girl -
1. She likes to tell Daddy, "I am SO much sicker than you."
2. She cannot make the bucket entirely while getting sick, but does make valiant attempts.
3. She is a very sweet patient.  She would tell us what hurt or felt bad, then cuddle up.  That was it, she didn't complain the whole time, even immediately after getting sick.  She was even patient & quiet when we needed to clean her or the bed up.  We were very impressed, though I hope we don't have to see that side of her again for a long, long time!

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