1. Better organize my home - I want a place for everything, and for everyone to know where things are.  Closets, shelves, under sinks, bathrooms - all of it! Maybe even an inventory list -- is that too crazy/overboard?
2. Learn to crochet.  One of my favorite blogs I follow, Aesthetic Nest, always has amazing crochet creations.  I want to do that too!
3. Diary blog of the kids, and the family activities.  I have the worst memory, my only hope of remembering this precious sweet time of life is to regularly record them in blog form.
4. Quiet time - always a goal.  I need to find a time of day to spend in the Word, becoming a better wife, mother, and Christ follower.
5. Exercise time. Enough said. No where to go but up - since I exercise zero percent of my time at this time.
6. Montessori activities - with Sabrina, and practicing for when Samuel is older.  I love what these activities teach her & I, and that they give us formal time to spend together accomplishing tasks.  I love her enthusiasm for each one I've presented so far.  I want to keep our 'project' time momentum up & joyful!

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