Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Second Banana

This time I was ready...prepare yourselves for the genius...In True Order: 1. The Approach 2. Success 3. MMMMM 4.Hits the Spot 5.Round 2 6.ACK! Too Much! 7.Oh well, Round 3 :)

Christmas Photos (from Card)

Updates updates...

Sabrina Blair Darby walked for the first time (that I saw, anyway) December 23, 2008. Now she is walking a few steps here, there, and everywhere. I call her my little Drunken Sailor and she is amazing at walking!!! :) She makes me laugh since she walks with her arms outstretched to the side, like one of those toys that falls to the side and rights itself over and over again.... She is especially strong in the full squat to stand, back to dead squat again, and sit move (no hands). Now you try it! It's hard, I promise... She can also chow down a banana all by herself. Well, I do peel it for her... But she holds it and feeds herself gigantic bites which she slowly munches away. It's quite charming, if you don't mind seeing the contents of her mouth regularly.

Her first birthday is fast approaching. But already she is one fast mover. It's getting so hard to clean her face because her hands and head turn and block me in a synchronized fashion. Sabrina is so effective at keeping me away! Blech. Also it is increasingly difficult to take something out of the way I don't want her to have before she grabs it! I think she has a sixth sense about what is off limits. I'm definitely not worried about her eye-hand coordination. I am sort of getting concerned about mine though....

The teachers have told me that Sabrina enjoys kissing and hugging the other "big" kids at school. Unfortunately, most of them are only slightly steadier on their feet than she is on hers, so many become hesitant at her advances. Sabrina approaches... smiling, arms outstretched. Little Nick says "no, no" backing away... But Sabrina is rapid... She grabs him for the hug! Wham, they both topple to the floor, lucky they are only a few inches away from it (being 1 year olds)... and Sabrina plants a big wet kiss on him. And that is the life... poor Nick and the others, like I said, they don't stand a chance of escaping my girl!!! So fast! :)

There are worse things, I expect. She does give great hugs. Her right arm and hand around your neck, with the left around your other shoulder, patting you on the back with some nice squeezing action as well. It's quite a technique for someone so young. In other news, Sabrina still no visible hair on her little head, although it is filling in nicely and growing out in the back. Perhaps by summer people will stop calling her bald. She's not. Maybe... fingers crossed.

This weekend: Visit Berk, James, & Brynn's new house, visit from Kathie, prepare for Big First Birthday!!! Woo hoo!

All is well in the Darby Household... and that's a wrap!