Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All in good time


My absolute favorite part of her little body is featured here- round little Buddha belly, followed closely by that cute little tush... :) :)

Another night: Saul and Sabrina playtime...

First (mini) sleepover --(not all night, still too young for that!) Pictured here: Saul instructing Sabrina on his novel.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sabrina in her school's "Buggy" with a few of the other kids.

Sabrina, Mary Jane, and Sally last night after Sabrina's bathtime -- she was doing the Sabrina supersquirm!!! (I was a bit slow with the camera and she was ready to move.)
Sabrina with "Meemaw," her wonderful loving Babysitter (April-August 2008). This was taken on Sunday when we visited. :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Few More...

Update on Little Miss

Ok, got kind of busy there... but here's the lowdown on the past weeks:

1. Sabrina's first plane ride, aquarium visit, and zoo trip to New Orleans - she loved, loved, loved all the animals, but I think the giraffes were her personal favorites

2. Sickness - teething, ear infections, fevers, man... poor baby girl. Hoping the next few weeks give her a break!!! Thank goodness for Grandma who can drive in to babysit and chaperone out of town trips! :) Sabrina is now the proud owner of... 4 and 2 1/2 teeth! Oh Baby!

3. Halloween - Sabrina enjoyed her first Halloween all week long. She and Brynn dressed in their costumes for a little showing off the Sunday before. I don't think we got a single picture with both of them smiling! Haha, oh well! (Brynn was Maggie Simpson & Sabrina a Princess)

Then on 10/31, we joined some friends of mine from work with their 13 month olds, Lainey and Saul. (Or Tinkerbell and the Pirate!) A good time was enjoyed by all as we wheeled them in a good old fashioned Radio Flyer wagon to the park nearby. There Sabrina squealed in delight as she got to ride in a baby swing for her first time. She also particularly relished a certain blue tunnel with peekabo windows that echoed. Man, that was fun to crawl through! A highlight was when she decided SAUL was a sturdy enough fella to pull up to a standing position on! :) Go figure, I mean he does have a whole 4 inches and 4 months on her. It was really cute. Saul also entertained us by loving sand and hugging trees (literally).

4. First Aggie Game - Saturday 11/1 we drove down to Aggieland to watch the Best Team in the World (maybe not in points, but you know) defeat the Colorado ?s and send them packing home! Sabrina slept from 1/2way through the first quarter to middle of the third. Woke, had a snack, enjoyed all the folks around -- made lots of new friends. She also was very grateful for Corkie and Blondie's son-in-law's not so small round shoulders to lean her head on, and rubbing his not so smooth shaven cheek. I believe she expressed her gratitude by slobbering on his large thumb she was playing with. Good times. She also was a fan favorite in her maroon and white Aggie dress! Precious, precious...pictured with her cousin Carleigh who she just loved to hang out with!!!

5. First Jeans - man, they are comfy, looks like she was born to wear!

I think that's the main scoop for now, she went to bed at 6:45 crying with exhaustion. Heaven knows why since we had a pretty tame day compared to the excitement described in the items above. Blame it on daylight savings time adjustments, I guess. Meanwhile, I miss my baby! That was too early of a bedtime! :(