Saturday, July 14, 2012

Samuel's really getting

an attention span!  Last night he watched a whole movie with us (Mac & Me) - terribly long, very little dialogue or believability, basically an ET ripoff with none of the sincerity.  Anyhow, its redeeming value was its use of bug-eyed, coca cola loving, bobbleheaded aliens that our kids were  fascinated by and a truly handi-capable kid in place of Elliott.  Second redeeming point - even though "Mac" and his alien family saved the little boy's life, they did not make him non-disabled.  Somehow I thought that was a good choice, after all, he really WAS a whole, fully-functional little boy.  Why change that?  Ok, that's it for my $0.02 on THAT movie. 

I got off track, totally rare for me! ;)  This morning, Samuel & I played puzzles for a good half-hour.  Now that might not seem very remarkable, but he is only one year old, remember, so that's pretty great! He played with a basic peg puzzle for a while, then switched to the Melissa & Doug locks puzzle.  I'm going to get one of those for Bertie & Mark's little man too.  It is so wonderful for fine motor skills & fairly interesting for Mom & Dad to play with too.  Then we worked with his stacking wooden pyramid game, and he found a way to put it together using all the pieces without it being a traditional pyramid shape!  Pretty cool...and then he put it back on the shelf.  Done with that, Mom! :)

This is definitely NOT one of my most interesting posts, but sometimes I like to use this blog as a little diary just to remember some cute moments.  I love our creative little dancing man!

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