Monday, April 8, 2013

Home Depot

Samuel's regularly been saying, 'We're not going to Home Depot today.'
To which I respond 'that's right, Samuel, we're staying here (or going to x place, etc., you get the idea...)

Tonight he answered me very matter of factly, 'ok, mama, maybe next time. Maybe next time we can go to Home Depot.'

Yup, ok Samuel... :)

Sabrina showed me in the car she can say yellow instead of lello and we instead of the/de. Now if we can just make it a habit we'll be all set for kindergarten!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dindin time

Samuel: Ow ow that hurts that hurts!
Me: what is it? (He's been eating for a while.)
S: it hurts right there. (Points to side of pants. They are very snug and the button is poking him as they have adjustable waist.)
Me: oh, are your pants too tight?
(I undo them.)
S: ahhhh...(sigh) exclaims: I can take my pants off! Yay!!

I love that I can make him happy by unbuttoning his pants so he can eat more.
2 yo life is soooo ez. :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Warren o'Brien has arrived!

And I want to cry with joy every time I think of him and Hanna and Jeff! We are all so happy. My favorite quote of Sam this week is 'Mooooooom, I asked you a question!!!'

Sabrina is a little sad about moving so we are talking about all the positives of the new house. Then she gets excited and seems all right.

Oh and the car the Easter Craigslist bunny brought? Might be a bad egg. :( going to try and get my $ back, but not feeling very hopeful...

Alas, Craigslist after countless purchases, you've let me down at last. Guess I'll be satisfied with the many years of successes, and let this one go.

Warren & the week in pictures. So cool that I got to spend Hanna's and Jeff's last night as a single couple with them celebrating Hanna's birthday! Bummed that I didn't win at Bingo though. Was counting on beginner's luck. ;)