Saturday, December 29, 2012

And, whew, done!!!

We finished just now. 10:30-7:45 is quite a day! (That's not including shopping or Hanna's prep time, see below.) We loved the mandatory togetherness though- it has been YEARS since we had spent so much time together.

8 meat loaves,
2 chicken cacciatores
120 meatballs
12 honey marinated pork chops
2 big portion beef stroganoffs
4 portions apricot chicken tenders
4 portions chicken tortilla soup
1.5 chicken Leilani casseroles for each of us (a biggun and a mini)
7 chicken pot pies

Cooks' notes:
Hanna prepped and bought most of the veggies yesterday which was a HUGE help.
Next time I'll try and cook/pull/chop/or shred chicken the night before.
Hanna's going to bring her biggest crawfish boil style pots.
We think we could work in a 3rd cook if we pre-plan jobs/roles.
Meatballs first next time for flash freezing purposes.
Plan on 2 coolers worth of food per cook.

A great day and tons of food to eat! Yahoooooo!!! :)

Oh, and next time an apron would be a good idea.... ;)

Meanwhile in Mississippi...

Miss these guys!

Cooking day with My Hanna

Doesn't she look wonderful? 3 months until baby Warren comes to us! Woo hoo!!!

Here we go, not even sharing all of it!

And, yes, that's what 10 pounds of ground beef looks like, wow!!


Last night, big girl Sabrina in her new nightie in Mississippi....

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Doings

We made the rounds this year: Chuy's Christmas parade, Capitol tree lighting singalong, and Wimberley Trail of Lights. It was ambitious, but fun!

Have you been good?

Sweet Chef Sam

He might have put pepper on my waffle and salt in my water, but he also kindly remembered to bring me a napkin. He loves to cook!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Samuel walks off by himself towards the front door, toy in hand.
Me to Philip: 'what is that boy doing?'
Samuel responds: 'I'm sitting right here...' See???