Saturday, July 28, 2012

A little bit of busy

Last weekend we celebrated two birthdays, Aunt Sally's and 6YO neighbor Kylie's.  As you would expect, we had daily doses of *cake,* birthday songs, and presents.  We wrapped up the birthday extravaganza with a trip up to Round Rock for some baseball.  Philip loooooooves baseball, and although I'm his most enthusiastic supporter, it is a stretch for me to share his enthusiasm.  Yesterday was definitely one of those times- I really wasn't sure it was such a good idea, but I wanted to support him sharing one of his passions with the kids, so I went along.  Those of you with young ones will definitely understand this - after a busy day and chasing the kids all around Dave & Buster's (mostly Samuel - "go! go!"), I just wasn't clear why he wanted to drive up to Round Rock to do more chasing.  Also, I am keenly aware that trying to do to much with little ones leads to everyone in tears. 
However, Philip had a plan.  We took big breaks, had naps, and the night went remarkably well.  The crowd was thin, so we had plenty of room, great seats behind home plate, and Sabrina was actually interested in learning & following the action.  Samuel was happy to sit on the stairs to watch, and explored close by where we didn't have to worry.  Later we ventured to the playground where Sabrina made friends within nanoseconds.  The finale for our family was going to be after the game, when Sabrina was to use her kids' club t-shirt & run the bases for the first time EVER.
Of course, this would be the night when we get "free baseball" - Philip's phrase - extra innings as the Express dramatically scored 5 runs in the 9th and tied it up.  Whoo hoo - 2 extra innings at 9:45!  My dream come true.  Knowing Sabrina as many of you do, how do you think it would have gone over to pull the rug out from under her dream of running the bases and leaving early?  You are correct in thinking we did not choose to do this, as we had been lording this great prize over her all day.  And we wanted to live to see Monday.  However, this part went smooth as well - wha??? Yes! We found great seats by first base, Samuel was tired & cuddled up with me, then after the game (just 11pm), I recorded Sabrina running the bases.  She skipped 2nd, but who is going to judge? Worthless base. ;)  Surprisingly, she dissolved into tears at finishing.  Why???  It was too fast, and we had really built it up- especially the high five with the Dog Mascot Spike. 
Luckily, Daddy to the rescue again.  Don't worry Sabrina - you can go again.  Yes, the little kids can just keep running all the way up the stairs, around the stadium, down again, and rejoin the line.  Which is exactly what our girl did.  That completely satisfied her, and she proudly high-fived me afterwards with squeals of glee.  And a dance celebration.  Energizer Bunny Sabrina.  Here are some fun videos we have from last night...
I wish I had started recording right away, but these are pretty decent examples...
And running the bases...


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Kelly said...

So cute!! You knew when you married Phil that you were gonna have to join in his baseball obsession. Glad the kids were good, it could've gone terribly wrong!!