Thursday, August 25, 2011

Samuel is 11 months

Eleven months ago I was sitting here at WF, wondering when my sweet angel boy would arrive. A week late, he came finally, with a rush, to the song Superman. I think I've rarely seen Philip more overjoyed, or more in love. Instant love. Of course, he was beyond beautiful.... Samuel is our totally wonderful, happy, playful, imitator. He laughs and crawls so motivated to get at his object. He's walking 5-8 feet now on his own, and we'll clap for him when he reaches his destination. At our claps, he'll turn with a huge open mouthed grin and clap for himself as well. He loves, loves, his big sister. Nothing is cooler than playing with her while she's playing with...anything. For Sabrina, sometimes this is a good thing, and other times then drives her batty! They do not have the same playing style, for sure. However, they have been caught voluntarily playing ball together lately... It's pretty awesome. It really doesn't seem like it has been almost a year since he joined our family officially. In other ways, it is hard remembering life before our handsome love bug entered. I'm sure if I have trouble with that, Sabrina can't remember pre-Samuel life at all. She is in a stage where she likes to sit with me (on me) all the time. She can barely restrain herself from pushing Samuel off. It's so funny, since she really hasn't sat on my lap regularly since she was probably his age. While she's intensely affectionate, she has never tolerated smothering, long term cuddling, or seem to want any of that. But now she does, and so does Samuel. It makes me wish I was a taller person with more surface area to share. ;)

Sabrina is extraordinarily confident. She shows no fear of making friends or being in a new environment. The idea of going anyplace new is totally exciting and thrilling to her, eliciting yelps of joy and impatient nagging. It's hilarious. What? Where are we going? THE CARWASH??? WOW!!! Let's go, now, now, hurry.... ;) Philip and I joke that Samuel should model, and Sabrina is destined for drama/acting school. Yesterday I was leaving for Bible study, said all my goodbyes/hugs/kisses, then found Sabrina sitting in her rocking chair blocking the front door. Sabrina, could you please move? Nope, she replied, shaking her head matter of factly. Seriously, her tone was so perfect. It was too funny. Daddy intervened, taking care to remove her and set me free. We both chuckled as I kissed her one last kiss before heading out.

It is so hard leaving them every day, and so great to come home. Well, yesterday could have been better, but Philip and I had some laughs over dinner. Both kids had skipped afternoon naps, and by 6pm, it was so very apparent. We dined with tears/whining from both kids alternating, and sometimes overlapping. We joked about how it was just another family meal at the Johnsons, when Sabrina shed tears for the third time over some crazy tiny wrong dinner detail. There is a reason the family series National Lampoon exists, after all... it can really resemble my life at times!