Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saturday back in April - never posted, oops!

Saturday was wet and chilly.  Yucky day for anything outside.  We stumbled upon the idea to go to the New Braunfels Children's Museum for all of us for $22.  Yay - plan in the making, and we headed out after lunch.  Both kiddos had such fun running around the spacious museum with different play areas.  It was very different from the Austin CM, which has a lot more science/learning/whoa "that's cool" areas.  This one had different play settings, costumes, and toys.  There was the spaceship/outer space zone, the arts & crafts, the hospital/baby nursery, Wild West, camping/fishing/cave, the bank, the newspaper place, a tot zone with soft toys, and a big train set zone.  Outside there were concrete animals to climb, a climbing wall, and a large wet water canal zone with rubber duckies and slides for the duckies.  Although there were a ton of people at the museum, it didn't seem claustrophobic at all.  We easily spent two hours there & explored everything.  Samuel had just as much fun as Sabrina, and Philip & I kept switching kids which kept it interesting & fun for us too.  It was also a great place to try out my new camera.  Had some hits, and definitely some misses!


Mom fails to get a decent picture of kids on fake climbing camel...

Sabrina checks out the newborn baby in the hospital wing.
Samuel Jams:
First time in a saddle:
Sunday morning impromptu Rock band: Oh - the noise!  :)

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