Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sabrina's goodnight made me laugh

Miss Organization: "Ok, Mommy, just remember that tomorrow is t-shirt day, (dramatic pause) and you're still a picklehead." Giggles followed.

Our girl - no end to that personality.

Samuel had his first no cry dropoff that next morning (Friday). :) He's improving, and yesterday's report said he was busy, happy, and curious. He particularly enjoyed blocks, painting, and song time. That's our boy! What a relief he's feeling so much more at home during the day at school. Those first reports broke our hearts!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Congratulations, you've made the wall of love...

We repurposed existing frames, printed up some newer pics, and created our family wall album. You'll find a lot of familiar faces on it, one pic is a placeholder, subbing for a bridesmaid/Sarah "sisters" pic that Walgreen's goofed up. Will fix that tomorrow. Also going to add a decorative homemade sign, but very happy to have SOMETHING on the wall in this room, finally. :)

Also made this collage of the Johnson and Kelly clan from the earlier days...Philip was SO adorable, it's no wonder Sam turned out so well! ;) heehee...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sabrina's Turn - First Day

Our little lady, ham that she is, was definitely excited for her first day. After a Kodak moment inside, she told me I had her permission to take more photos outside. Thanks, Sabrina. :)
She was thrilled to go, very confident once we got to the classroom, and I was only able to get a quick hug & kiss. She then indicated I could go, so I did. Kids are so aware of being "cool," even at her age! I tried very hard to not make a big goodbye deal out of it, but I wanted to squeeze her so bad & give her 20 kisses. I restrained myself, but it wasn't easy. So far, she has gotten a good conduct sticker & jelly bean every day! We get the accident/injury/troublemaker report each day, and then coax the rest out of her over the course of the night. We are so happy she is eager to go everyday (so far). Now we just have to figure out our morning timing. Two dressed kids, breakfasts, and lunches, then out the door by 7 is a serious challenge! I'm sure we'll figure it out with time though.

And, of course, the new favorite place to pose, "riding" the ceramic caterpillar.

Sabrina had many quotables this week, but I'll go with this one: While pulling a book off the shelf, she stated, "I want to take this one to the children's shelter. You know, because they don't have any books. The bad guys steal their books, that's why they don't have any. Bad guys are pickleheads!"

Us: "Yes, that sounds good, Sabrina, we'll pick out a few books to give away." (No comments on the bad guys...)

Samuel: This week he's all about singing "Doobie, doobie, doo..." I taught him that. ;) Also pointing to people/characters in books and tv saying, "Good guy, good guy." The first time I pointed to him & told him he was a good guy, and he laughed at me. But I think we all agree that he is. He also started calling Papa "Poppy" this week. We'll have to see if that sticks. He really wanted to sit & talk with Poppy, and hold his hand if we were walking somewhere. It's so sweet to see him bonding with my Dad.