Sunday, December 27, 2015

Another big week!

Samuel learned to ride a bike with pedals in about 20 minutes yesterday! He was intensely proud of himself as were the rest of us. We all credit his balance bike for making the transition so smooth and quick. With his balance already established, it was super simple for him to learn to pedal without training wheels! SO so awesome.

Louie has been signing fan, milk, and all done, but just yesterday with some practice (and yogurt he really wanted) he picked up the sign for more! It was really quick, which was very cool. He is a dancing fool too- loves to rock out while sitting and standing!

Sabrina is really enjoying the chemistry and art sets she received for Christmas. My heart is full when I watch her conducting the experiments and learning cool facts about sugar versus salt! She finished Charlotte's Web yesterday. Philip bought her the movie so that is up next as a promise from him.