Sunday, October 27, 2013

And scraped out a few pumpkins

Samuel did not want to dig out pumpkin guts. He also did not enjoy it when I helped him try. Sabrina would take out pumpkin guts but only with a spoon.

Each picked a picture for me to copy. Nothing amaze balls, but we got it done and the kids were pleased. I call that success! And it was soooo pretty outside. Newest tradition: sharing pumpkin seeds and carvings with the cheepers! They were so interested!

Today's harvest not too shabby

Green beans and cucumbers- some collected earlier in the weekend, actually, but ran out of daylight for collection!
And straight to the table. How's that for farm fresh? ;)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Afternoon monkey project

A dear auntie gave this project to Sabrina. It was so fun and she is so happy with the result. Now to find a place to hang it!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sabrina's First Month of Kindergarten

My sweet began Kindergarten and was off like a rocket. Her teacher, Mrs. Marek, is a total pro who's been teaching Kinder for 7 years. Her room is stimulating and pretty with lots to do and learn. I love the little desks, 4 to a group, with little chairs to match. Friday Sabrina brought home her first 25 days of school behavior chart - she got a sticker every day! Which means she never had to "move her banana" - not even one warning! She definitely exceeds my behavior at that age. I got "N" for needs improvement in conduct through at least 2nd grade. Talker I was, shocking as that is!

Sabrina & I wore coordinating bracelets - an idea I borrowed from a friend to remind her how much she was loved. I think it almost made me cry 100x the first week. Constant reminder that she had joined the 'big' world outside a small known environment. I'd say a prayer, and trust in our Lord, and push down the tears. She made it through just fine though. (I did make her rehearse the morning walk from the bus drop off point to her classroom with me walking behind. This thoroughly annoyed her, but gave me comfort! :) )

They have art, music, computer, and PE as "specials." I'm so glad they don't just do curriculum, and have a nice outdoor area for playtime after lunch. We feel so blessed to have her at this sweet school. She's already checked out her first book from the library, purchased some Scholastic books at a bargain, and participated in the school's first book fair. They are busy, busy over there.

Not all has been wine and roses. She tells us how she and a lot of the kids sleep on the bus on the way to school. With a pickup time of 6:35, it's no wonder!! She's also had a lot of catnaps - car, couch, and some random places like shopping carts. Then there was the prison gang scene in the back of our car one day. She put her Cinderella play cell phone in the bottom of her sock and smacked her little brother in the face with it. Doubtless she wanted him to cry, but the sight of blood pouring out of his nose caused her to scream for Daddy to pull over! Pull over!!! Oh. my. gosh. That was a conversation with her he'd never planned out. Who knew she could be so creative in her Samuel harassment? Little buddy is fine though. A pint of blood lighter perhaps, but fine.

Kidding, not quite a pint... ;)

We are trying soccer. She likes her friend Sydney and her coaches, but soccer? Jury's still out. We've seen her enthusiasm wane already, and we're only on week 3. I've heard this was most of the other parents' experience as well with their kid's first season as they really don't know what's going on. She definitely wants to go back to dancing. As I'm speaking, she's dancing to the radio all around the room in a homemade costume.

I guess all in all - it's going well! I love reading books with her and her finding 'popcorn' words of the week from school. (This week it was 'like'.) She still loves Mrs. Piggle Wiggle chapters best, and we finished Pollyanna a few weeks ago.

Monday, July 29, 2013


#1 & #2...

Sam inherited his cute and colorful suit from big cousin Warren. Thank y'all!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Today's DIY

Tree house rope ladder!!

Start to finish: under an hour actual assembly. Philip and Johnny were surprised when I came in saying 'Done!!'

Owe this project to this extremely helpful website:!/entry/how-to-easily-create-your-own-rope-ladder,502ecfc6444f6789471f3295

So I guess I've conquered a manly art?? Next up: burping the alphabet. 

Nah, probably not. ;)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweet summertime treat

Sabrina the planner found a recipe in her Highlights magazine (thanks Aunt Margaret) that we just HAD to make. We gathered our groceries yesterday, and here's how it turned out... Delicious with a capital D for sure!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sabrina's first grocery list

I dictated and she wrote it all down. She figured out to make smaller letters so blueberries fit in 1 line, unlike strawberries. We also had some misfires writing backwards Zs. But figured it out after a bit.

Samuel has done really well the last couple of days. Homemade (cheap) potty chart and he puts the stickers wherever he wants!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

She's 2nd from the left, in case you can't tell. ;) corrected! (Was 2nd from right-oops!)

Sabrina Performs!!

Father's Day Weekend was all about Sabrina's first dance recital practice Saturday, and recital today.  She did really well, and we were so proud.  It was so much fun to see her and the other wonderful little girls show off their moves on the stage.  Most of all, she seemed to really loved performing.  Here are some snaps of her after. The girls wear their daddy's shirts as coverups when they aren't dancing..

Monday, May 27, 2013

6 MO Robert Moglia visits

We were so delighted to have baby Robert, Mag, Sally and Dorothy over for dinner on Wednesday night.  Bertie had OAL events to attend, so she sent her delegation.  Robert was super cuddly, and happy.  He never cried, and only fussed when we attempted to put him in a stroller during dinner.  He preferred sitting closer to the action, in my lap.  I was happy to oblige.  Before dinner, we took a walk around our lawn, and after dinner we played on the quilt after dinner.  Sabrina and Samuel brought him some of their toys to play with, but I promised I'd locate some more going to be 1 YO toys for his next visit.

Here's some highlights (you can click on the pics for larger versions)...

I told Sabrina and Samuel that Robert would come back soon with Bertie to visit.  They could have been more enthusiastic...

We can't wait for Summer 2013, Moglia visit #2!!!

P.S. Robert has the most perfect hair you've ever seen.  It's so soft, and even, and has a cute natural little man style.  Amazing. :)