Sunday, November 25, 2012

Samuel Videos...

Ok, stick with it until the 30 second mark.  Worth it for the sheer passion of this kid!
Ok, the first 10 seconds of this.  Repeat the first 5 seconds a couple of times...!!!  Trust me.
Another Samuel classic... Row Row Your Boat...

Whoa whoa Samuel talks constantly...

This guy is a chatterbox.  If he wakes up early, he entertains us by singing Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row, and I love you.... peppered with Happy Day! Happy Day!

He is very proud of himself everytime he succeeds at the potty.  Our song is: (copyrighted, don't even THINK about using it yourselves)

Samuel went __ __ in the potty,
Samuel went __ __ in the potty
Samuel went __ __ in the potty,
YAYYYYYYY Samuel! clap clap. 

Samuel always joins in for the last line, raising his arms in a proud Y above his head.  We do a Jamaican rhythym, it's really something.  The blanks can either be poo poo or tee tee, it's brilliant in its versatilty.

Some of our favorite phrases of his at this time include:

"I don't want it!"  This may seem dull, but he only does it in a singsong voice, raising up at least 2 octaves during the wanttttttt part.  He likes to shove his plate away from him across the table while saying this, which is extra charming. 

Where are you? Again, to embrace this, you have to jump up an octave on the 'are' part.  He might have real Vienna Choir Boy potential.

He entertained me yesterday by playing with Sabrina's big & mini dollhouse for over an hour.  Of course, he wasn't touching the dolls or furniture.  He utilized the stairs, roof, and other structures of the homes for his purple racecar.  Every time I walked close to check on his wellbeing, he'd clutch the car to his chest, "No, no, no, no!" afraid that I would snatch the car for myself.  I reassured him this was not my intention, but he continued to doubt. 

I'll share a few videos I shot tonight eventually.  His repertoir is continually improving, but I particularly relish his use of emotion & intensity in his rendition of Barney's famous "I love you..."  He's a wonder of energy. 

We created marvelous Banana Strawberry Swirl desserts tonight, and then worked off our sugar highs with a frenzied dance party.  Just another Johnson Sunday!