Saturday, June 30, 2012

This week

I feel a little as if I've lost time.  Since leaving WF at the end of February, my new job required so much of my mental energy, it took a lot just to wrap my arms around my new responsibilities & schedule.  And then it was summer.

Summer started with a bang - wonderful trip seeing family in Mississippi and reconnecting.  A highlight for Philip & I was a delicous bacon themed multi-course meal at Stuart's restaurant.  Fun people, delectable treats (the scallops were my favorite), and all-too-good wine.  MMMM....  A highlight for the kids was a night at Uncle Dennis' and Aunt Lynn's house and a boat ride on the lake.  Warren caught fish (expand hands out to his side as far as they could stretch) thisssss big. In a truly original contest, Sabrina won 'best dancer,' MS 'best boat rider', Warren 'best fisherman,' and Sam won 'best bubble stomper.'

We enjoyed lovely times watching the girls swim at the pool (both can actually swim now!), and being  delighted by all of Warren's and Samuel's adorable antics.  I know what they say, but those little white boys can dance!  It was so fun and we all laughed.  We all went to the beach for a cool breezy day in the sunshine.  It was a perfect day, and lunch in the shade was a needed break.  The kids had fun entertaining themselves in the surf and sand, and the little boys played some golf & soccer with the big guys.  We all agreed we could flip the switch to vacation mode fully when we arrived down at the condo in Biloxi.  Relaxing? Not quite! But fun, definitely.

We had a week back in town before spending some time out on the lake with Auntie Rae and her possee.  Sabrina had her first tube ride with Alessandra behind a boat.  Philip & I had a couple of turns on the same tube, but at a remarkably faster pace.  You can imagine how that turned out.  Needless to say, the cool water felt great when we hit it - it was sooo hot!  We also enjoyed some time on a jet ski, and man, caught us some serious air and speed.  Woohooo!

This week Samuel learned to say "I love you." He told me on the phone while I was at work and I almost bawled. Even though I know it is silly because he doesn't know what he it means, I still was thrilled and my heart skipped a beat.

Speaking of hearts, Sabrina learned to draw a heart this week. One hump, trace up the middle line, second hump. Then you make a dot in the center of the hump down below and connect your dot to the ends of your hump. Voila, heart! :) That was a bit of a trial and error process, as you can imagine. She put them all over a special birthday card for a special 16 yo cousin.   On Wednesday, we went to a local church for Financial Peace University.  We told Sabrina we were going to church, and she said she wanted to change.  Sabrina came downstairs wearing her prettiest Sunday white dress, her diamond sparkle headband, and matching silver glitter silver shoes.  It was stinking adorable.  Our girl wore that to go to the nursery to play.... the most dressed up child by far!

Now it's a normal weekend at last, and we have plans for Home Depot, Costco, and the library.  Sabrina told us she was going to change because she got an idea last night about what to wear.  She came down in the striped shirt Aunt Laura bought her, her silky black skirt from Aunt Bertie, her silver sparkle shoes, and a blue jean jacket she had snapped up herself.  Weeeelllll... some wins and some losses I guess. ;)  Apparently she wanted the jean skirt Aunt Laura bought to go with the top, but at not finding it, she substituted the black silky skirt.  Our little punk rocker girl.  Now she just needs me to spray her bangs up in a wave!

Questions of the week posed by Sabrina:
"At the library, I want to find out about..."
1. Why are boys bigger than girls? and
2. Why can God talk to everyone and hear everything, and we can't?

Well, Miss S, I can definitely talk to you about #1, and perhaps find a book about boys vs. girls, but that second one is a doozie.  We will have to brainstorm about that!

Ok, we've got to launch into a nice weekend at home now.  Better go get busy!

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