Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Crossed at the ankle

Totally impossible to describe all the cute Louisisms happening here everyday now. So I'll just post about one...

These feet are crossed after every ball retrieval and before every throw. He does it carefully and deliberately. And it's the cutest, most precious little habit. Then he throws, giggles, and loves to see me fetch. Every few tosses he'll want me to switch sides with him which he tells me by crossing to me and lightly pushing me on the back while saying "back Mama, back!" Woe is the Mama who tries to refuse the Louie! He was delighted earlier tonight bycatching the ball several times while big brother Samuel tossed it to him. He was very proud, and so was Sam. Sam called to me to make sure I saw. 

Meanwhile Sabrina and I worked on times tables. She has a song she made up for the 12s. We quizzed for a good while, and she's really doing well. I love sharing tricks and logic with her. I think she's really coming into her own in math.

Earlier it was Samuel's turn to shine at the 1 to 3 addition tables. He can do most all of it in his head, but also worked out a shortcut using the flash card sheet I haven't cut apart yet. I thought that was pretty clever! 

These kids challenge me more than any part of my life but bring me more joy than I could ever deserve! I'm so thankful for them and their good hearted father. 💕