Friday, August 3, 2012

Just a regular Thursday night, but...

since Sabrina's swim lessons finished in July, it's a great night, because we are all at home.  Philip made beef stroganoff & salad, we had a quick dinner, and then to the backyard.  We set up the slip n' slide, and the kids went to town.  Memorable moments:

1. I am always the wicked stepmother, or wicked queen.  So young to be typecast, I know, but I fear it is true already.  Tonight I was pleased, for a change of pace, when I got to play the mean housekeeper at Mistlethwaite Manor, to Sabrina's Mary of 'The Secret Garden.'  It all started when Sabrina quoted the movie out of the blue saying, "Where there's a key, there must be a door!"  Then we were off, and Philip & I may have used the occasion to make our servant Mary rub our feet.  Not saying that was a part of the original script, but it was in our version.  Perhaps it was taking advantage a bit, but I'm pretty sure it was worth it.  (Gotta start 'em young!) And Sabrina is always looking for orders when she is playing the part of the unfortunate ragamuffin.  Torturous foot rubs seemed appropriate.

2. Samuel really tried out the slip n' slide tonight... See pictures/video below.  The funny thing is he would crack himself up just by running towards the slide from the fence, and have to deal with his giggles and stop running before he could go for it.  It's great to have a kid who gets such a kick out of...himself!  He also entertained us by going bananas on the trampoline, saying "jump, jump, jump,"  and also taking it upon himself to practice T-Ball.  He never stops unless he's sleeping!

3. Finally, Sabrina ran the gamut on future life plans tonight.  Upon discussing that she wasn't allowed to say certain phrases to grown-ups, aka "Hush up" and the like, she made several proclamations:
         a. I wish kids were in charge right now.
         b.When I get older, I'll let my kids be in charge.
         c. I'll let them do anything they want.
         d. I'll never get married because my husband will be respectful.  (Upon further questioning she explained that this meant her husband wouldn't go along with the kids being in charge, therefore he would not be wanted.)
video to come, problems with upload!

Chuckling on his way to the slide

Hand talking...

All in all, it was a pretty successful evening.  So blessed to be living this life of ours!!

Blowing you a kiss...


Kelly said...

A very happy set of kids!! Love the updates.

Sarah said...

Awww...thanks Kelly!!!