Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sabrina morning talk..

Sabrina & I got to talking about her future because she started out asking if I missed her Grandma & Papa.  "Because they're your mommy and daddy."  I answered her, and she said that when she was grown up she would have her own mommy and daddy....?  Hmm, I replied, "Well I've had the same parents my whole life.  You know, your Dad and I will be your mom & dad your whole life too."  Which brought us to...

"Someday I'm going to get married." 
"Are you going to have kids."
"Yes, 1,2,3. 3 kids."
"What will their names be?"
"Arizona, Philip and Sarah"
Later amended to...
"Arizona, Philip, and Morgan." "Morgan's my friend"
Boys or girls or both?
1 big girl, 1 big boy, then 1 little girl.
What kind of house will you live in?
Later amended to
What will you do for work?  You can be a doctor, a scientist, a nurse, a police woman, a fire woman, anything you want!
I'll be a doctor, because I've ALWAYS wanted to be a doctor. (Emphasis here on always, despite the fact that we know she's only 3.)
Will you take care of grownups or kids?
Will you be a doctor who helps you when you are sick or a doctor you visit to have surgery, when they cut you and stitch you up?
What if you could only be one type?
OK. :)  Where will you go to vacation? The beach or the mountains.
Oh the beach, we will have a blue house on the beach.  Maybe I'll have six kids....
How will you pay for six kids?
I'll be a doctor. (She shrugged here)

Ok, bun, good talk.  We've got to let Stella outside now, it's been a while she's been making noise.
OK, Mommy! (Smile, kiss, hug.)

Ahhhh... I'm so glad Philip worked last night so SBJ and I could have this talk today.  Love spontaneous talks with my grown up gal.

Meanwhile, Samuel slept in until 8. 8! Seriously... maybe he's growing!??

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