Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our littlest of friends...

Sabrina decided Wednesday night, at 5:50, to take matters into her own hands.  She had been somewhat anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sally & Robert to join us for dinner.  By 5:50 though, she had had it.  She was not waiting any longer, and told me, "Mom, I just need to go get them, they are taking wayyyy too long!"  She then turned, as she planned to head right out that door...

I stopped her, "Honey, they aren't even supposed to be here yet.  They aren't due for 10 minutes." 
'What???'  Being a 3 year old has its disadvantages, the inability to read clocks is way high on that list. 

Finally, Robert & Sally came over and she was so excited.  Despite only meeting him a few times before, Samuel went right up to Robert to greet him when he squatted down.  Later, Sabrina gave Robert a dot picture she had made off the fridge.  Suffice it to say that I think he is welcome in our house from the kids' perspective.

Hard lesson learned by the Johnson parents this week: do not pretend to run into things to make your kids laugh.

Ok, does that sound ridiculous?  As if anyone would ever do that?  Well, the back story is that Samuel thinks it is pretty darn funny whenever one of us big folks gets hurt.  Pull your hair to elicit a howl?  Oh my gosh, gut busting laughter.  See you trip, stub your toe, bang your head?  Wow, that's the silliest hilarity ever!!! Us, being the loving parents we are, decided that the only way to keep our kids laughing was to imitate injuring ourselves by faking these things regularly, usually accompanied with slapping our hand on a wall to make the loud 'bang' noise.  Just call us the 2 stooges, well 3 when Sabrina gets in on the act too... Fast forward to this week.  The usual - Daddy is "running" into the wall with his head and making the predictable noisy bang sounds with his hand.  Sabrina joins in, doing a few performances herself.  So what does Samuel decide?  Well, time to try it himself!  Samuel gets on the floor, and proceeds to walk directly into the wall, legitimately banging his head on the wall.  Our 1 year old busts a gut laughing at himself hurting his head!  The burbling bubble from his tummy kind of laughter, for probably 2 minutes. Wait a MINUTE, buster! The idea is to PRETEND to hurt yourself, not deliberately injure your head. AHHH!  Somehow we have taught our baby to run into walls.  With his head. Nice.  Parenting FAIL.... now we just have to wait for him to forget how hilarious it is.  Luckily it doesn't seem to have caused any permanent damage. Yet.

Sabrina has figured out real cooks wear aprons.  For every meal prep.  Therefore, she has taken to wearing her apron, thank you Aunt Hanna, for every tea party, picnic, and kitchen activity in the upstairs playroom.  It's totally adorable. Wait! I have to get dressed before I can make you strawberry soup Mommy, or your blueberry soup Daddy... And then, while adorably reappearing in her pink & white gingham strawberry apron, she cooks magical meals for us.  It is so fun. :)
And the quote of the week from Sabrina... Drinks a long gulp of milk, "That's just the way I like it, sweet, and cold, and white. MMMmmm!"

They came into the kitchen last night together, after dinner...I followed them back into the living room on their journey. Samuel is holding on tight, but seemed happy about the choo choo ride.  Those 2!

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JohannaSara said...

You are most welcome. For a minute there I thought we were going to have to buy a new one!

Side note the captcha for posting this comment is "mimosas") and I'm now thirsty.