Monday, September 19, 2011

Sabrina & Samuel... life in motion!

One of Samuel's favorite current moves is to yell as loud as he can 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' Then when you look over at him (with a smile, who can resist?) he responds ha ha ha ha in his gurgly way. It's pretty cute. That & his mad dash to the fridge anytime the door opens. He most favors the light ranch dressing bottle in the door, and just this morning he decided it would be a great idea to try and sit in the nice cool fridge. He couldn't understand why he kept sliding down! (condensation.)

He stopped crawling last week. By Wednesday he decided even the shortest little moves around were better to walk than to crawl. Hard to believe I've seen his last uber motivated, army man style crawling, bam bam bam as fast as he can! No more! :( Kind of sad to gain & then lose these little signs of babyhood. Now it's official... toddler times!

Sabrina delights us with her conversation. Yesterday she explained so many things to her uber dense parents, thank goodness! She's getting really good at describing her world, things that she does out of your sight, but still messes up words & switches things around enough to be totally adorable & charming. It still makes me laugh & smile when she is blunt with us, or tries out a new word, getting it 60% right! Sabrina totally loves her brother soooo much, she gives him big hugs & takes every opportunity she can make up to pick him up and move him around our house. MOst of these moves elicit more AAAAAAaaaaah sounds out of Samuel. He's definitely figured out he has a say so in what happens, and has decided to share his opinions with a yell or a few cries whenever he is unpleased with an outcome. We can also tell, when they are out of sight by his yell when Sabrina's got him in a squish hug, him on top of her while she's laid down with him. Usually he's had just about enough, and yells to be freed. Sometimes Sabrina needs to be encouraged to let him go though, as she can't get enough! :) I was creating some decorations with scissors yesterday for Samuel's party, and she decided she needed to contribute as well. She used her pattern scissors to cut blue confetti for the party. Then she colored the confetti with hot pink, and used the glue to attach it all to a piece of paper. With one Belle sticker added to the top, her masterpiece was complete. She was at it again this morning, creating another gift for Samuel. She asked me, aren't I sweet to make this for Samuel's party?? Yes, honey, you are! :)

She is very concerned with Samuel's well being. I'll ask her to watch him when I leave the room, and she'll say yes Mommy I've got him! Then other times she'll say you can go now Mom, I'm watching Samuel, I'll keep him safe! Ha! To be truthful, she is absolutely our early detection/Samuel warning system. Mommmy/Daddy, Samuel's got the water cup! Mommy, Samuel's trying to go in the laundry room She takes unsafe objects/chokeables from him. Ok, this is making us sound unsafe, but it can be really hard to keep coins from falling out of pockets, fuzz from making tiny balls - and Samuel thinks anything smallish should be tried out for taste! Ewww... I know but we are so used to it by now, we just have to vacuum & sweep all the time. STill, you wouldn't be able to tell! ;)

Sabrina is 100% on top of the party planning for Samuel's first. She gets updates daily on how far away the party is (2 wks, 1.5 wks, 1 wk). She is probably the most excited person in the house. I get it too, who wouldn't be with all of her favorite friends coming? I'm pretty sure she has forgotten it is for his birthday and not hers, but that's ok right? We are thrilled to have so many of our loved ones come and join us in celebration. Sabrina is going to be over the moon, at 200% energy, and probably will crash hard for bed that night. Samuel will be his normal happiness, wondering who the heck all these people are... Don't worry son, you just didn't know how many people love that you are part of this big world! And they all are behind you and your family! We are so so blessed.

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