Thursday, October 13, 2011

School at Miss Bethany's

I asked Sabrina on the drive in what her favorite part of school was.

Without hesitation, she said, "When Lilly gets there, and then we play together.  Lilly is my favorite part of school."

Last night at dinner, we were talking about a liiiitttle misbehaving she did at the grocery store with Daddy that morning.  How she enjoyed running away, then teasing him.  I told her that I let Daddy know that when she does that at the store with me, she has to come and hold my hand like a baby.  She calmly replied, "Well, if he tries to hold my hand, I'll just break away and run because I'm strong and I can get away.  I'm stronger than you!"

Oh jeez... somehow my parenting solution got derailed.  I'm now picturing trying to hold the hand of a screaming, squirming 3 yo in a grocery store.  Not a pretty picture.  Nice one, Sabrina...! One more point for you. :( 

We'll keep "working on that one".  Another thing she likes to tell people when we are still trying out a new manner, or way to say something politely.  "We're still working on that, right Mommy?"  "Yes, Sabrina." :)

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