Saturday, August 25, 2012


I always think of the Pulp Fiction joke, the Mama tomato walks back to the lagging baby tomato, then stomps it and says "Ketchup!" But how sick is it to think of stomping your baby into puree if you are a tomato? Really wish I could get that dumb joke out of my head. Alas, I think it will be stuck with me forever! ;)
Anyhow, we are now fast approaching the end of August. I seem to remember losing track of July. Oh, and what a month to forget! Don't want to! Here are some highlights:
1. July 4th with GG, DDaddy, Hanna, and Jeff. BBQ, slip and slide, bubbles, and fireworks under the stars. Simply doesn't get sweeter. So glad our a/c went out for a mere $900 and we switched venues to their place! Well, that might not be ALL true, but glad for the second half of that - that part IS true!
2. Then came the family plague. A plague is a "severe and potentially deadly bacterial infection." Ok, ok, I'm exaggerating. But this thing had some potency, and latency, that meant 4 of 6 dropped to it. Yuck. We also got exactly zero of our big plans for Philip's birthday & their visit done. Boo hoo. Next time, I promise...! (If they ever come back, there were some dirty duties covered by my loving in-laws. We REALLY appreciated the fact that they didn't bail out to a local hotel when things got rough!) Anyhow, we got to have GG for an extra couple of days and that was good. Sabrina was a bright point too. Although sick, she showed us an incredibly sweet side. Fortunately, she hasn't been really sick since she was about 9 mos. old! She really didn't have a memory of sickness, ever. But now that's done, and we are happy to report she is completely factual when sick, not a whiner or complainer. State what happened, that you are SO much sicker than Daddy, and move on. Cuddle a lot. She was very endearing and loving. And a little pale, but she bounced back FAST! Thank you, Lord!
3. We loved celebrating Sally's birthday.
The table was set...
The guest of honor was ready
The dinner guests didn't mind the occasional "airplane" maneuvers of Philip trying to feed Samuel.
The guests pause to smile at the camera We enjoyed wonderful chicken curry, prepared by Mag, and delicious sides by her & Auntie MJ. Everyone was so glad to be together.
We are so happy to have Uncle Robert in our family now. A certain blonde 4.5 yo thinks he's pretty cool. Poor Robert expects to have a little lady sitting in his lap most of the time when he comes by!

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JohannaSara said...

We loved having you over as well! It was a wonderful 4th of July and I can't wait for next year. Bigger booms!