Monday, January 10, 2011

Goodness, life changes.

Sabrina recent quotes:

"Mommy, you're the best Mom I ever seen!"

"DDaddy, I'm going to be a doctor and fix your arm." (Arm in cast from crazy wreck.)

"God bless Daddy and Mommy and Samuel and Guinness and Mommy and Daddy."

After seeing Nemo, (who tells his daddy he "hates" him), Sabrina tries the word out saying "Mommy, I hate your husband," while laughing. This sounds harsh but when I asked her what hate means she says it means time out & asks why Nemo said that to his Daddy. Anyhow, it was random & curious.

Sabrina loves Samuel and tries really hard to get things for him, help change diapers, sing, and talk to him. We are so proud when she holds him, feeds him a bottle, and loves on him.

Of course there is the occasional (while yelling in his face), "No Mom he's not sleeping!"

Samuel is such a joy. He's a good sleeper, regularly sleeping from 9 or 11pm-4am. He can regularly roll over from his belly to his back, but it still surprises him. He is such a laugher - he loves giggling at the 'whoa' game where we raise him up over our heads and lower him down to our faces & also when we play peekaboo. He is a talker too. He loves to have your attention and gurgle, blow bubbles, and make sounds 'goo', 'ah', 'oooo' at us. He likes to answer whatever questions we ask him.

I love to sing Bible songs to him, and Sabrina's at an age that she is starting to sing them with me & learn the words. She knows most of her long night night prayer, and also leads us in the meal blessings. It's been great to see her pick up & memorize prayers & songs. I guess it is time to try for Bible verses? Not sure how to do that, but I imagine it is possible.

I went back to work last Monday, and it is very surreal. After some initial awkwardness, I'm settling in again & have resumed normal quick lunches with Pops & Kim, which feels very normal. I have moved and have new neighbors now. Closer to Kim & the kitchen which is nice since I have a couple of pumping breaks a day. I miss sitting across from Nichole though, she's on the other side of my cube wall now & it is a bit more of an effort to visit now since I can't see her... Man, pumping is not a pleasure. It does feel good to know I'm providing for Samuel & giving him the best that I can. I know I'll just have to push on through, and there are many months to go.

It's hard to shake the feeling that I'm going do this for a bit (work) & then get to come home again and be with the babies once more. I know this isn't the case, so it is hard to grasp why I have that feeling. Probably just misplaced optimism. :)

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