Monday, November 30, 2009

Just a little bit more...

This weekend while we were driving back from seeing Berk, her brother Rob, and an expectant Laura (YEA!), Sabrina and I SANG together! I'd sing a few words, and she'd sing them back. We got through 2-3 songs and it was sooooo cool. Natalie called during our rendition of the BIBLE song. :) Miss Nat so much, wish we could see her more. Looking forward to her life when she gets finished with her MBA in March & hoping we will be together more after that.

Tonight Sabrina entertained us at dinner, as usual, and at one point during a particularly difficult episode of trying to convince her to eat yellow squash, I completely lost my composure and dissolved into giggles. I just lost it, and had to stop talking so I could recover. Then I continued attempting to convey to her the seriousness of trying everything on her plate. :) Somehow I think she'll live without that bite of squash...As I remember, she wouldn't eat it as a little tiny baby either. And she was a baby who'd eat everything! (almost)

After dinner, she proved to be the the best little helper girl! I was moving wet clothes from the washer to the dryer, and she stood in front of the driver to receive. Then she'd take the wet clothes and add to the dryer. I really thought she would tire of the game quickly, but she stood there and kept working until the washer was empty. I was so proud of her for helping me. And doing it without me asking her to! In truth, if I had asked her to, there is no way she would have, being firmly in the land of No, no!!! :)

Then she came out to play with her puzzle pieces for a while. After a little bit, she rose up and headed to the laundry room. For some reason, this attracted both Philip's and my attention, because there really isn't anything in there but dog beds and stuff to high up for her to reach. That is nothing but.... brooms and mops! Sure enough, she walked back out with her play broom in hand and went to work attempting to sweep up some of the stuffing out of Zeus' newest demolished toy! How cute is that??? Now, she wasn't really that effective with her sweeping, but we loved the sentiment!

I promise you she gets sweeter, funnier, and more precious by the day. We never know what to expect, and that's 99% of the time a really cool thing.

That's it for now!

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