Friday, January 13, 2012

Samuel, oh Samuel!

As I discussed pre-Christmas, Mr. Samuel James Johnson has discovered how to manipulate the 'small chairs' as we call them all over the house.  A few of weeks ago this meant that we needed to put drawer latches on all the kitchen drawers.  He was dragging his chair all over the kitchen to carefully remove utensils and silverware out to the counter.  Most of the time he'd put it all back, but occasionally he liked to throw these items on the floor and make a big mess.  Uncool Sam.

Fast forward to this week, where he has managed not only to move the small chairs to the couch, but also boxes, pillows, toys, anything he can drag.  All these items are then used as climbing stands to accomplish his main goal: getting on the couch by himself.  Once there, he proceeds to engage in lively conversation and 'stumping' speeches, while marching from one end of the couch to the other over and over again.  He'll carefully dismount, come to one of us for a supportive hug, then return to his speech platform to continue the lecture.  We have no idea what he is talking about, but he sure is passionate about something!  I wish we could understand his baby babble.  I think he's talking about how much he loves his Mommy, but that's just one idea.  He could be talking about the dog, or his favorite type of sausage, or his dreams of sailing the world.  I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually.  Samuel's not quiet about his wants or needs. ;)

As I watched him today complete one of his speeches, he misfired on his dismount and landed on the floor, flat on his belly & all fours extended.  He looked up at me perplexed, "uh oh," he said.  I agreed, and helped him up with a motherly, "you have to be more careful, Samuel."  I'm sure he got my drift.

He had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and he's right on track developmentally. Physically, he's a bit on the small side.  We're going to work on fattening him up a bit with more yogurt & cheese.  I think it's hilarious that I have the polar opposites in the weight department.  Miss thing has always rocked out the 90% end of things. Sam hovers around the fifth-tenth percentile.  Those kids!

A recent view of Samuel in action, Snow White "action figure" grasped in one hand, cracker in the other.

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