Friday, January 13, 2012

Sabrina and Mommy's Date Night Out

Philip has taken Sabrina to 2 movies. Me? Zero.  How does this happen? 

Monday night I decided it was my turn, and Philip encouraged us to do a whole night: dinner & a movie. Sabrina & I decided to dress up, just like Annie does when she goes to the movies, in nice dresses and with our hair done.  It was fun getting ready, and then we headed out.  I asked her if she wanted Serrano's or Texas Roadhouse (both had before 6pm deals going on). She replied Texas Roadhouse, not knowing anything about either, but happy to be the decider.

We ate well with shelling peanuts, and enjoying the sweet cinnamon buttered rolls.  Then she had a mini-burger with veggies, and I had a little sirloin with mashed potatoes.  We split the salad.  It was so nice to give her 100% of my attention, and she was a delightful dinner companion.  We discussed her favorite songs, and Muppets.  When dinner was over, Sabrina asked why we ate so quick!  The funny thing was that dinner was not quick, just normal.  I guess that means time flew for her too.

We went next to Tinseltown theater to see the new Muppets movie.  Sabrina & I have the same favorites: Miss Piggy & Kermit.  We also really liked the new character, Walter.  Walter whistles fabulously in the movie, which Sabrina thought for a moment was really bad singing.  She cracked up at this part telling me, "He's really bad!" :) It was cute.  Later I demonstrated some REALLY bad whistling, and she told me, "That's ok Mommy, I get it now, you can stop." Hey, Annie's Tomorrow is really hard to whistle! (For me.)  We got the works - popcorn, Sprite, and a coke for me, and had a great time hanging out, laughing, and chair dancing through the funny movie.  Sometimes she sat on my laugh & cuddled with me.  She finished off the popcorn, and then apologized saying, "I'm really sorry I ate the last popcorn without sharing with you Mommy." She thought there was more in there.  I told her it was ok, I was full.  We left singing the last songs of the movie together, hit the ladies room, and didn't stop singing the whole time.  On the way home we sang and rocked out to "Bad to the Bone" on the radio.  Bbbbbbbbad!  BBBBBBbad!  Bad to the Bone!  She told me two things as we sang and drove, "Get it moving, Mommy!"  Later, it was "Keep it moving, Mommy. Keep it moving."  I thought both coined phrases were very cool & totally Sabrina.  I think I'll copy my girl, and introduce the phrases around the office.  They'll fit in just fine.

Last night, while shopping for baby Mae, Sabrina picked out the cutest pink little Laura Ashley sandals.  They were even on sale!  Whoop for Sabrina's early shopping skills developing. Goodness knows I have zero skills (or desire) in that department! ;)  Stephanie said she really liked the shoes, so I think we succeeded!  And yes, Steph, I am in total stealthy spy mode filling your house with pink girly accessories... Ha! (Just accents, my dear.)

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