Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sabrina is 8

For her birthday we celebrated a week early. Hailey, Emma, Kylie, Summer, and Jordyn were her guests. We went to Wonder world in San Marcos where we petted and fed tame deer off of a train and took a cave tour of the cavern on the Balcones Fault line. Then we headed home for pizza, presents, movie time and cake. The girls had so much fun! Zachary also came and kept Samuel busy and happy. 

Last weekend we gathered together for lunch with the aunties and uncles on her real birthday. It was delicious and such a beautiful day!

We wrapped up the day at Salt Lick with Hanna, Jeff, Warren, and Connor. Yum Yum and play time after at the park! It was quite the time.

These sweet moments are the highlights of my life! 

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