Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beg your pardon....

But unfortunately, you have to hear a bit of my singing. Sabrina won't dance unless I'm enjoying the song with her... she has gotten into the habit though of whenever I first turn on music, to sway back and forth to get her groove on. She seems to be particular though, the song has to be upbeat and have a strong beat to merit her rocking to it... :)

So I'm also trying to get her to chew food before trying to swallow it. Last night we had a fun game of mimic Mommy. I would give her a small piece of banana then wide mouthed, say "Chew, chew, chew!" as I clicked my teeth together in demonstration. Apparently, this was funny because it cracked her up. It was also successful though because she immediately would imitate me and that banana got chewed! Yay! ;) Let's hope she keeps it up!

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Aunt Margaret Ann said...

Of course she can dance. You know many of us have "happy feet"!